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Hunters stimulate economy in Wickenburg, elsewhere

Published on September 10, 2014 under Media Clips

The Wickenburg Sun
September 10, 2014

Because hunting has such deep roots in Arizona’s heritage, its economic impact is often overlooked and easily taken for granted. Even most hunters do not realize that in Arizona money spent on their sport creates an annual ripple effect of nearly $600 million.

This ripple effect benefits hunters and non-hunters alike. The approximately 300,000 hunters in Arizona support nearly 6,000 jobs throughout our state. These jobs are not only associated with sporting goods stores, but can be found at restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, convenience stores and tire shops just to name a few. When hunters take to the field, their spending becomes part of the formula that contributes to a healthy Arizona economy.

Often, when hunters travel through or hunt near cities such as Wickenburg, they are exposed to the other great attractions the city has to offer. This exposure frequently leads to hunters returning to the area with friends and/or family to experience these attractions at a later date.

Most Arizona residents realize the important role hunting plays in our heritage and as hunters take to the field for the fall hunting seasons, it is important to also recognize the important role they play in our economy. Additional data relating to the economic impact of hunters on Arizona’s economy can be found at the Hunting Works for Arizona website,

Andrew Carter