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Hunters good for Arizona economy

Published on November 10, 2013 under Media Clips

I spent my career working for two state wildlife agencies managing and protecting the public’s wildlife resources and habitat. I am a wildlife enthusiast and enjoy all wildlife activities, from hunting to wildlife observation.

I am currently serving as co-chairman (northern Arizona) of Hunting Works for Arizona. My volunteer activities with HWFAZ allow me the opportunity to meet lots of folks in Arizona and offer them information about the important role hunters play in our economy and wildlife management programs.

In Arizona, hunters annually spend $343 million dollars, support 5,700 jobs and pay $42.5 million in state and local taxes. These expenditures are significant to all economies in Arizona from Phoenix/ Tucson metro areas to small communities like Snowflake or Yuma.

Arizona’s small rural communities are especially dependent on hunters to fuel their seasonal economies. Hunters support the hospitality industry, auto repair businesses, RV businesses, grocery stores and businesses that sell sporting goods, hunting equipment, taxidermists and meat processors.

In addition to the above contributions to wildlife conservation, hunters and shooters pay federal excise taxes on firearms, ammunition and archery equipment that supports federal and state wildlife programs. This tax, known as the Pittman-Robinson Act, has fueled wildlife and wildlife habitat management programs since 1937. The beneficiaries of this program include everyone that enjoys wildlife. It also funds education programs like the AZGFD Hunter Education Program.

Hunters and shooters are a very important component of Arizona’s economy and continue to contribute heavily to the wildlife legacy we enjoy today.

Tom Britt