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Important law is 75 years old

Published on November 21, 2012 under Media Clips

Yuma Sun
November 21, 2012

The year 2012 represents the 75th anniversary of the passing of the Pittman-Robertson Act of 1937. This act is important due to the conservation it provided for the United States, and the ability to help our economy grow. By passing the Pittman-Robertson Act, the United States was able to give funds to states in order to help protect animals and habitats, and make sure they can continue to prosper in future years.

Hunting plays a direct role in Arizona’s economy. There are nearly 150,000 hunters in the states that help create a ripple effect of over $400 million in the state economy. Hunting not only helps our conservation efforts, but it also helps by creating jobs. Hunting in Arizona supports 4,263 jobs and generates $107.5 million in salaries and wages each year; it is one of the state’s largest employers.

Arizona hunters spend $211.5 million each year on trips, supplies and equipment which directly helps local businesses. This directly affects the economy of the state of Arizona, as well as a number of communities like Yuma, local retailers and local businesses, like myself.

Arizona needs to support hunters and be thankful for the economic help they provide the state.

Mike Brick
Yuma Coin and Gun